b'Ice Boots Shipping BootsCLASSICEQUINE.COM PLAY TO WINMakes icing a horses legs for injuryProtect horses legs during travelor recovery a fast, easy process Hard outer shell over the hoof Removable incapsulated gel ice packwith padded interiorattaches to the shell with hook-and- Front boots extend from above the knee loop strips for easy application to the hoof and secure with hook-and-Neoprene shell acts as an insulatorloop straps, allowing for mobility around to keep the ice pack cold the knee and external protectionSet of 2 Hind boots extend from above the hock to the Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large hoof and secure with hook-and-loop straps, CEIBICE BOOTS with two large crossover straps at the top$98.99 Set of 4Sizes: Medium, LargeCEIBIREPLACEMENT INSERTS CESB204$179.99$43.99STANDING WRAP BANDAGEQuick Wraps Standing Wrap BandageApply muds, sweats or liniments toTough, stain resistant bandage material your horses legs quicker and easier for securing quilted standing wrapsNeoprene shell is secured withEasy to apply and remove, with large hook-and-loop straps hook-and-loop fasteners for securetRemovable terry towel lining isMinimal stretch helps to apply even pressuresoft and easy to clean Set of 4Compatible with your own muds and liniments Size: 5-1/2 wide x 12 longSet of 2 CESWB154$31.99Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-LargeCEQWQUICK WRAPS Quilted Standing Wrap$65.99CEQWIREPLACEMENT INSERTS Provides compression to help $21.99 prevent in ammationComfortable, durable quilting is padded to provide even pressureBound edges keep out dirt and debris QUILTED STANDING WRAPBlack color looks cleaner and shows fewer stains than lighter wraps STANDING WRAP BANDAGE WITHSTUD BREEDING BOOTSSet of 4 (2 front, 2 hind) QUILTED STANDING WRAPCeramic Wraps CEQSW154$43.99THERAPY THERAPYCeramic lining re ects the horses own body heat to promote thermal infrared therapyAids in blood circulation and reduces in ammation Stud Breeding BootsNeoprene shell is secured with 100 hook-and-loop straps Made of durable, textured neoprene101Use in the trailer or the stall exclusively for stallionsSet of 2 Internal padding protects the inside of the knee from wear and tear while jumping the dummySizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large Top two straps made longer for extended CECWCERAMIC WRAPSt around the joint with three shorter $129.99 straps extending to the bottomCECWIREPLACEMENT INSERTS Size: Standard$54.99 BREEDINGBOOTS$109.99'