b'Premium Polar Fleece CoolerCLASSICEQUINE.COM PLAY TO WINLush 380 grameece cools horse slowly and protects against chillEffectively wicks moisture after bathingSpeeds the drying process in cold weatherHelps keep groomed horses clean and dry before a showReinforced horn slit for a securet over your saddleRemovable, adjustable belly strap for easy washingHook-and-loop front fasteners offer quick, easy application and adjustmentDouble stitched, nylon bound edge for extended durabilityMachine washableSizes: Medium (74-79), Large (80-85), X-Large (86-90)CEPFC BLACKEcono Polar Fleece CoolerUltrasofteece allows your horse to cool down slowly after a hard workout, helping to prevent chillEffectively wicks away moisture after bathing and speeds dryingHelps keep a groomed horse clean and dry during trailer transport or while stalled before a showReinforced horn slit for a securet over your saddleConveniently attaches with a belly strap, tail strap and four hook-and-loop front closuresWINTER BLANKETS & SHEETS WINTER BLANKETS & SHEETSEconomical and sturdyMachine washableSizes: Medium (74-79), Large (80-85)CEPFCECGREYHorse and Saddle CoverKeeps your horse, saddle and equipment protected from rain and outside elementsFits completely over saddle and horse with a pocket for the saddle hornLined polyester with nylon tail strap106 Attaches to a halter with a hook-and-loop strap 107Four quick and easy front hook-and-loop strapsAdjustable nylon webbing belly strap for securitySizes: Medium (74-79), Large (80-85)CEHSCBLACK'