b'Clear Vision CLASSICROPE.COMCool Wrap Horn WrapsThe most breathable horn wrap on the market increases air fl ow to help prevent moisture buildup, reducing sore heads and head tricks. The design ensures a Clear Vision and straighter running cattle no matter the size of the horns. Extra heavy webbing is reinforced for durability, with a tough mesh outer layer. Protective ear fl aps eliminate sore ears, while the cutback design increases the fi eld of vision. Long straps are double stitched to keep from ripping out, with extra adjustments and tapered horn holes to fi t a wider variety of cattle. Patent #7,386,972.HORNWRAP21Reinforced ExtraBLACK Heavy Webbing Tapered Horn HolesBreathable BodyNEWBLACK / BLUEROPING GEARBLACK / GREEN107Cutback DesignProtective Ear Flapsfor Clear VisionBLACK / RED CHOCOLATE / TAN'