b'WESLEY THORPWorld Champion HeelerNFR Average Champion HeelerMoneyMaker SUCCESS IS IN YOUR HANDS SUCCESS IS IN YOUR HANDSThe MoneyMaker didnt become the best selling three strand in the industry by accident. It earned its reputation thanks to a heavier body, less bounce and a more consistent feel. As therst blended rope with a heart of twisted nylon and polyesterlament, the MoneyMaker created the class. Once a leader, always a leader. MoneyMaker is in a class of its own.MRR 3303/8 TRUE30XXS, XS, S, MS $46.99MRR 3353/8 TRUE35MS, M, HM, MH $48.99BEST SELLERS#LENGTHLAY130XS230S135M235MS335HMphoto: RodeoReadyNV4 The NV4 blends two premium nylon types for greater stability, life and balance. Thebers are then fused with high tensity poly for enhanced action and speed. A CoreTech core provides loop stability and tip weight. The outer diameter is smaller, making it faster and easier to control. The NV4 has a snappy, responsive feel for greater con dence and visible catches.NV4 330TEAM ROPES TEAM ROPES3/8 TRUE30XXS, XS, S, MS $49.99NV4 3353/8 TRUE35MS, M, HM, MH $52.998 BEST SELLERS 9#LENGTHLAYphoto: RodeoReady130XS230S135M235MS335HM TYLER WADE5 Time NFR Quali er'