b'CCLASSICEQUINE.COM PLAY TO WINDMagNTX therapeutic products are constructed with 1-1/2 bi-polarprolonging bene ts in a non-invasive, cost and time ef cient manner.magnets. MagNTX magnets possess both north and south poleelds that run in horizontal planes. The north pole helps to expand theMagNTX productst and stay in place with reinforced elastic hook-blood vessels and increase bloodow, while the south pole promotesand-loop closures. Each MagNTX product uses a soft coated micromesh the removal of toxins away from surrounding tissues. Using bi-polarmaterial that allows adequate air ow and is comfortable to the horse. magnets forces ions to rebound back and forth between the oppositeEach bi-polar magnet is strategically placed for optimal effectiveness.magneticelds, breaking up calci cations and carrying away toxinsWe recommend using MagNTX products for a minimum of and other foreign debris, aiding the bodys ability to heal naturally. 30 minutes and no more than 12 hours at one time; ideal Science has proven beyond doubt that all living cells are electricaltreatment periods will vary on a case by case basisin nature. Each cell has a positive electrical charge at its nucleusEnsure the horse is adequately cooled down and a negative charge on its outer membrane. This positive/negativeafter a workout before applying magnetspolarization is what makes each cell function properly. When tissues areDo not use any oil-based or abrasive liniments under MagNTX damaged, bloodow can be restricted, which limits the horses oxygenproducts, as these substances can cause damageand nutrient supply to the damaged area. Stimulating tissues and jointsMagNTX magnets can be used in conjunction with bi-polar magneticelds helps increase bloodow to a speci cwith preventative and treatment regimensarea and promotes a fast healing environment and natural pain killer.Always consult your veterinarian when using magnet regimensMagnetic therapy compliments deep tissue penetration therapies by A MagNTX Sheet EGreat as a pre-warmup and pre-competition toolMagNTX products aid in injuryGenerates bloodow throughout the prevention and speed recovery byentire body, promoting relaxationgenerating bloodow to the affectedMagnets are strategically aligned across the muscle meridian lines of the whole bodyarea. Soft mesh ensures proper position.Helps to promote overall healingSizes: X-Small (68-70), Small (72-74), Hock Wrap Medium (76-78), Large (80-82)D. EMSHEETRecommended treatment for varying hock issues Helps relieve pain in arthritic hocksAids in prevention of injury whenBell Bootused on healthy hocks Reduces pain of the navicular area or cof n boneStandard size Increases bloodow to the hoof and A. EMHW aids in a wide range of foot issuesStandard sizeKnee Wrap E. EMBBB Aids in the breakup of calci cations FTHERAPY THERAPYHelps to draw outuid and promote healing Tendon WrapStandard size Used for a number of lower leg ailments GB. EMKW Speeds healing in bowed tendons, splint injuries and ankle strainsStandard sizeMask F. EMTW110 111Releases endorphins, which can aid in calming nervous horsesHelps relieve some horses of anxiety relatedRelief Padissues such as cribbing or weaving Use for human lumbar, shoulder, or neck therapy Standard size Size: 9 x 5-1/4C. EMMASK G. EMRP'