b'DJerkline PulleyCLASSICROPE.COM2 nylon rope pulley has rounded edgesEand smooth action to eliminate hangups and ensure free movement. Black.D. CRJLPCorded Jerkline PulleyA lightweight, solid pulley with smooth edges and great action to eliminate hang-ups. Cord is durable nylon, and attaches easily and securely with a built-in slipknot.E. CRJLPCTJerkline Bit Hobble FO ring braided in the hobble for the jerkline to go through. Flat braid rope.F. CRJLBHBLACKCHOCOLATETANROPING GEARPremium JerklineThe Premium Jerkine is 19-1/2 long and 7/16 in diameter, with an ideal weight. Made of 48 strand poly sleeve material and braided nylon core. Red.G. CRPJLJerkline 113The Jerkine is 17 long and 1/2 in diameter. Red.H. CRJLG H'