b'Double Gag PickupPLAY TO WIN PLAY TO WINThe Double Gag is for a light-mouthed horse thatThe Pickup Bit is available in both short (7-1/4) needs more direction and lift in competition runsand long (8-3/4) shank versions and is Carols as speed increases. The slight gag action gives thenext step up in control. Works well for obtaining horse a chance to prepare for full contact beforeshoulder control on seasoned horses that need the bit fully engages. It is comfortable, safe andhelp keeping their shoulder lifted going into provides a great feel without being too harsh.the turns. Offers increased shoulder control Each bit can beipped depending on desiredand rate when needed. Horses that are harder leverage, essentially making it two bits in one. mouthed usually respond well to the Pickup GTDG bit when lighter gag bits are not enough.$76.99 GTPA. GTDGSS13SHORT SHANK DR BRISTOL $76.99B. GTDGSS30SHORT SHANK CHAIN I. GTPSS12SHORT SHANK TWISTED WIRE SNAFFLEC. GTDGLS13LONG SHANK DR BRISTOL J. GTPSS13SHORT SHANK DR BRISTOLD. GTDGLS30LONG SHANK CHAIN K. GTPLS12LONG SHANK TWISTED WIRE SNAFFLEL. GTPLS13LONG SHANK DR BRISTOL I J K LA B C DDelight Goostree Quick Draw MThe Delight has been around for decades andVersatility and adaptability make the Quick Draw continues to be a best seller. It is a light bit,an excellent addition to any collection. The twisted but offers quicker contact and a little morewire dogbone mouthpiece is a basic tool for many control when needed. The Delight is one of thedisciplines. Gag length is variable by adjusting original bits in Carols line, and is perfect forthe headstall length, from 0 - 3. Two rein rings tuning an oldernished horse or for seasonedallow for either 5-1/2 or 6-3/4 shank length. The colts going around the barrels. 4-3/4 shank. Quick Draw is excellent for collection at speed and GTDBIT teaching verticalexion at many different levels.BARREL BITS BARREL BITS$76.99 M. GTQD13DR BRISTOLE. GTDBIT12TWISTED WIRE SNAFFLE $76.99F. GTDBIT13DR BRISTOLG. GTDBIT30CHAINH. GTDBIT31CHAIN SNAFFLE Goostree HackamoreThe Goostree Hackamore is an extremely versatile 114 E F G H piece of equipment. It is designed with an 8-3/4N 115shank and chain nosepiece covered in a supersoft polyurethane coating, making it veryexible. Because it is soexible, riders dont hit that dead spot commonly felt in other hackamores. It offers plenty of whoa when needed and can be placed higher on a horses nose or lower, depending on the horses level of sensitivity.N. GTHACK$76.99'