b'Roper Collection Cowhorse CollectionPLAY TO WIN PLAY TO WINThe Les Vogt Roper Collection isThe Les Vogt Cowhorse Collection designed to increase performance inincludes NRCHA approved bits with the arena, on the ranch, or on the trailsweet iron mouth with copper inlay. with precision design combinations. Satin brushed iron shanks with beautiful Dogbone Snae with Swivel Cheeks hand engraved German silver overlay.Shank: 5-3/4 1-3/4" Slope PortLeverage Position: 1 Shank: 8Over the past 50 years, I have learned how to calculate effectiveLow leverage, easy mouthpiece isLeverage Position: 1leverage ratios and combine them with creative mouthpieces togreat for green or fragile horses. Higher leverage drops the neck and slows maximize each horses performance.-Les Vogt A. LVRB1$179.99 curb action. Slope port mouthpiece gives tongue clearance and contact with the exterior 3 Piece of the bars. Great for green horses.Shank: 6-3/4 G. LVCH4A B Leverage Position: 1-1/2$179.99Popular, versatile graduation bit with more leverage, feel, and respect on green horses. 2" Flat Port RollerB. LVRB8$179.99 Shank: 7-1/4Leverage Position: 2Short Shank Correction with Swivel Cheeks Versatile mouthpiece with leverage. CommunicatesG HShank: 6-3/4 with respect, not too hot or too cold. Perfect for the Leverage Position: 2 nice horse that deserves to be bridled properly.H. LVCH2Allows for rate and communication. $179.99Shifts weight to the hindquarters and eliminates performance dead spots. 1-1/2" Port with RollersC. LVRB5$179.99 Shank: 8C D Leverage Position: 2Swivel Port with Hinged Cheeks Higher leverage combined with a soft mouthpiece Shank: 7-1/2 for more collection. Works well to eliminate Leverage Position: 2-1/2 high performance busy signals in and out of Swivel port mouthpiece combined with highthe arena and is a popular crossover bit.leverage allows lift and more control when shiftingI. LVCH6 I Jweight to the hindquarters. Flexible and slow $179.99reacting; good for strong, well-seasoned horses.LES VOGT BITS LES VOGT BITSD. LVRB3$179.99 2-1/2" San Joaquin Port with Tongue ReliefShank: 8Square Port with Rollers Leverage Position: 2-1/2Shank: 6-3/4 4:1 leverage ratio drops the neck and delivers Leverage Position: 2-1/2 perfect head position for precision performance. E F Contoured chain linksnd pressureGreat all around bit for most horses.points that achieve lateralexion withJ. LVCH5rate and body control under speed.$179.99120 E. LVRB6$179.99 2-3/4" Keyhole with Double Roller 121Chain Shank: 8Shank: 8 Leverage Position: 3 KLeverage Position: 3 Provides ample feel with palate and Chain mouthpiece with high leverage.tongue pressure for respect. Easy to Flexible and slow reacting, good foruse and great for tougher horses.stronger, well-seasoned horses. K. LVCH3F. LVRB2$179.99 $179.99'