b'Loomis Bits Bozo SidepullCLASSICEQUINE.COM PLAY TO WINJoyce Loomis-Kernek, a former WPRAThe Bozo Sidepull is a replica of the headgear World Champion Barrel Racer Kristie Peterson used & AQHA Champion Barrel Racer andon Bozo. It allows your horse to be comfortable World Renowned Clinician, designed theenough to really run in, yet gives you enough original Loomis Gag Bit. Its one-of-a-kindcontrol to rate and regulate the run. It helps correct a horse that is over-bending, and is design has been trusted by some of themore for thenished horse than for training.most prominent horse trainers for years. TIP: Kristie recommends that you ride your horse in the Bozo Sidepull a few times before running in it.BOZOSPE. BOZOSPORIGINAL (6-3/4 SHANK)Loomis Gag Bit F. BOZOSPSSHORT SHANK (6 SHANK)Loomis Gag Bits are trusted by professionalE Fhorse trainers to start colts or tunenished horses. They work great for transitioning from the ring snaf e, providing additional lift to control the horses nose, poll, rib cage and shoulders. Excellent tool for teaching collection and lateral maneuvers. Durable cord cheek pieces on double stitched natural leather headstall. Smooth Snaf e is stainless steel. Twisted Wire Snaf e has a sweet iron mouthpiece with stainless steel cheek. Ready to use - all you need are reins.HFLGA. HFLG17SLIP EAR SMOOTH SNAFFLEB. HFLG21SLIP EAR TWISTED WIRE SNAFFLEHBLGLoomis Gag Bits are used andC. HBLG17BROWBAND SMOOTH SNAFFLE Shoulder Holder Bitendorsed by Dena Kirkpatrick D. HBLG21BROWBAND TWISTED WIRE SNAFFLE This is a great bit for elevating a horses shoulder going into a turn. It aids the rider in holding a horses shoulder steady, maintaining a more optimal body position around a barrel. Very fair and forgiving, the mouthpiece is set forward on the shank, which helps increase lift and lateral A B C movement. This bit helps to maintain forward D motion on horses that anticipate a turn. The BARREL BITS BARREL BITSShoulder Holder is also a great tool for retraining man-made habits in aged horses. 7-1/4 shank.SHBITG. SHBIT74LOW PORTSMOOTH SNAFFLE H. SHBIT75HIGH PORTG H126 127TWISTED WIRE SNAFFLE'