b'CODY SNOWNFR Average Champion Header6 Time NFR Quali erCLASSICROPE.COM SUCCESS IS IN YOUR HANDSRanch RopeTypical to Classics four strand construction, this rope is smooth and fast. We selected nylon for its durability and long life. Soft enough for anyone to handle, but tough enough for the hardest jobs. The CoreTech body offers a balanced loop with a weighted tip, making it easy to use for work on the farm or ranch.CRR4S335XS3/8 TRUE35XSZoom Kid RopeThe ClassicZoom is specially designed for young ropers or serious competitors in long-reaching dummy roping events. The Zoom is slightly smaller, with the same four strand CoreTech technology preferred by adult four strand users who need a lighter rope.photo: Rodeo ReadyZOOM5F30XS5/16 FULL30XSTYLER WADE4 Time NFR Quali erRANCH / KID ROPES RANCH / KID ROPESJr MoneyMaker Kid RopeA junior version of the Classic MoneyMaker. It may be smaller, but it has the same fast, smooth feel that is easy to handle.JMK 528 S5/1628XS10 11photo: Rodeo Ready'