b'Hanging Groom Case Top Load Hay BagCLASSICEQUINE.COM PLAY TO WINMade of tough nylon with PVC meshTop loaded and extra large, making it easy tollpockets that allow dirt to escape Extended topap has a hook-and-loop Nylon straps with buckles and ringsclosure so hay cant be drug out the topallow it to be hung anywhere Hay must be pulled from the webbed Pockets have an elastic gathered top thatsquares in front, lessening wastesecures items, yet keeps them easily accessible Long adjustable straps with a snap make Holds just about anything - ideal forit easy to hang almost anywheregrooming tools, sprays, boots, and more Made of tough poly for durability with a mesh Size: 24 x 42 bottom that allows dust and dirt to fall throughCEHGC17BK Size: 24 x 20 x 9All patterns available while supplies lastTLHBBLACKStall Front BagTake all the daily necessities for your horse with you and easily fold it up for travelingID card identi es each horse and has a list of care speci cationsMesh pockets keep everything organizedSize: 18 x 27SFBBKFLOURISH DARLA BLACK LEOPARDBLACKBARN & TRAILER BARN & TRAILERNEWBlanket Bag BLACK GREY / TAN NAVY CHEVRON / MERLOT BLACK / OCEANStows blankets, sheets and more with a smaller pocket for standing wraps and medicationsHangs on your stall front with D-rings and clipsPortable and space savingUse at home or at an event142 Size: 23 x 12-1/2 x 17-1/2 143BBBKOCEAN / GREY MERLOT / TAN NAVY CHEVRON / OCEAN TAN / NAVY'