b'Premium Rope Halter Premium Longe LineCLASSICEQUINE.COM PLAY TO WIN100% marine quality polyester is23 longe line with leather popper and bull snapUV resistant and colorfast Firm yetexible, allowing excellent High-tenacity durablebers are ultra low stretch control with virtually no stretchSizes: Small (black only), Average Weighted feel for increased sensitivityHALTER Colorfast and UV resistantBlackLEAD23SBKBLACK TAN PURPLE Premium Lead RopeDouble braided polyester cover and core with leather popperFirm yetexible, allowing excellent control with virtually no stretchWeighted feel for increased sensitivityOLIVE CAMO TURQUOISE Colorfast and UV resistant coatingLEAD99LEAD1414Premium Rope Halter with Lead BLACK CAMO(9 ONLY)Premium Rope Halter with 9 Premium Lead Rope includedSizes: Small (black only), AverageHALTERLEADQuick Change Halter HALTERS HALTERSwith LeadStainless buckle is the fastest way to halterFully adjustable tot perfectly by simply slipping the loop through the 152 buckle and sliding the keeper down 153Durable nylon ropeBlackBLACK WITH BLACK LEAD TAN WITH CAMO LEAD PURPLE WITH BLACK LEAD HALTERLEADBKLBKOLIVE WITH CAMO LEAD CAMO WITH CAMO LEAD TURQUOISE WITH BLACK LEAD'