b'THE COMPANY COWBOYS KEEP THE COMPANY COWBOYS KEEPNatural Roughout Roughout with Rosettes and StringsNatural roughout leather Chocolate roughout leather with A 2-3/4 Breastcollar antiqued rosettes and strings GA. BC234NTRO 2-3/4 BreastcollarB G. BC234CHBK$179.99 $229.991-3/4 BreastcollarB. BC134NTRO$149.99 Chestnut Roughout Wrapped RoughoutChestnut roughout leather Natural roughout leatherC 2-3/4 Breastcollar 4 Steer Roper BreastcollarC. BC234CSRO H. BCW4SRRO HD $179.99 $219.99 1-3/4 BreastcollarD. BC134CSRO $149.99BREASTCOLLARS BREASTCOLLARSChocolate Roughout ColtChocolate roughout leather Chestnut skirting leather. Shorter length 170 E 2-3/4 Breastcollar tot colts and smaller horses. 171E. BC234CHRO 1-3/4 Breastcollar II. BCC134C JF $179.99 $139.991-3/4 BreastcollarF. BC134CHRO 1 BreastcollarJ. BCC100C$149.99 $119.99'