b'THE COMPANY COWBOYS KEEP THE COMPANY COWBOYS KEEPValue Series HarnessSlip Ear with stainless steel bucklesHermann Oak harness leather with and bit ties. As available. cart buckles and bit tiesChocolate Headstall Browband HeadstallHS16SS HB21ANTChestnut Headstall$89.99HS16CSS Slip Ear HeadstallHF21ANT $59.99Split Ear HeadstallHI21ANT $49.99Harness Split Ear 1/2" StitchedHarness leather with cart buckle and bit ties 1/2 stitched harness leather with 5/8 Headstall stainless steel buckles and bit tiesHI58H Browband Headstall $49.99 HBP31SNT $99.993/4 HeadstallHI34H Slip Ear Headstall $49.99 HFP31SNTHEADSTALLS HEADSTALLS $69.99184 185'