b'RHEN RICHARD4 Time NFR Quali erRadar4 RATTLERROPE.COM NOTHING COMES CLOSEThe Radar4 consists of four strands of twisted nylon and polybers around a CoreTech nylon core. Designed for aggressive roping styles, its diameter is smaller in size. Yet the Radar provides great tip feel and accelerated tip action. The CoreTech core ensures more loop stability for greater loop control and high percentage catches.3/8 TRUE30XXS, XS, S, MS3/8 TRUE35MS, M, HMRADAR BEST SELLERS#SIZELENGTHLAY13/8 TRUE30XS23/8 TRUE30S13/8 TRUE35M23/8 TRUE35MS33/8 TRUE35HMphoto: David Hollenback PhotographyTEAM ROPES / BREAKAWAY ROPES TEAM ROPES / BREAKAWAY ROPESJACKIE CRAWFORDNFBR World Champion Breakaway Roper20 Time WPRA Champion Spit reThe Spit re is therst professional breakaway rope of its kind. Made speci cally to reach and rope the neck, the Spit re is made with a customized process using technologically advancedbers. This allows the loop to stay open, and upon delivery close sharp, fast and tight around the intended target. The enhanced tip has a weighted feel, helping to know where the loop is and guiding it to the intended target. The Spit re shell is extremely smooth, allowing the rope to feed fast and easy. The body keeps the loop open to create a perfect storm for an aggressive,rst-swing shot out of the box necessary to win in todays sport of breakaway.40/S2850/S PRO2860/S PRO PLUS2816 17photo: Rodeo Ready'