b'Bit Hobbles Jim Edwards Curb StrapsMARTINSADDLERY.COMTHE COMPANY COWBOYS KEEPNylon Cord Latigo leatherA. BHC ChainFlat Braid L. JECURBCB. BHMT LeatherM. JECURBLLatigo Leather Bit HobbleLatigo leather Latigo Curb StrapRawhide LoopsC. BHL Latigo leather with blood knotsN. LBKCURBLeather LoopsD. BHLLHarness / Chain Curb StrapsCowhorse Curb Strap Hermann Oak harness with stainless steel chainHermann Oak harness leather with stainless steelFlat Chainbuckles, designed for reined cowhorse events O. CSSCR4.75 LONGE. CHCURB 5 Chain LinksA B P. CSHC54.5 LONG L MSnae Curb Strap 4 Chain LinksQ. CSHC43.5 LONGHermann Oak harness leather with stainless steel bucklesC D F. HSCURB Latigo / Chain Curb Straps N ORope Curb Straps Latigo leather with stainless steel chainFlat ChainHarness R. CSSCL4.75 LONGG. RCSH5 Chain LinksE F Latigo S. CSLC54.5 LONG P QH. RCSLCURBS & BIT HOBBLES CURBS & BIT HOBBLES4 Chain LinksT. CSLC43.5 LONGLatigo Leather Curb StrapLatigo leather with stainless steel buckle Stainless Steel Chain Curb StrapI. CURBLATG H Chain R SU. CSCCLatigo Leather Curb StrapLatigo leather with leather loopsDog Chain Curb Strapsand stainless steel buckleStainless steel chain with adjustable string tieNEW I J J. CSL 7 Link T U206 V. CSDCST7 207Harness Leather Curb Strap 5 LinkHermann Oak harness leather withW. CSDCSTstainless steel bucklesK. HCURBK V W'