b'Diamond Long ShankPLAY TO WINThis is a bit with a longer shank, so it will give you more leverage to maintain rate and body position in turns with speed. 7-1/2 shank.BBIT3LSGBROWNED IRONN. BBIT3LSG22SSTWISTED WIRE DOGBONEO. BBIT3LSG21SSTWISTED WIRE SNAFFLEP. BBIT3LSG30SICHAINQ. BBIT3LSG33SSO RING SQUARE SNAFFLER. BBIT3LSG24SSSMALL TWISTED WIRE DOGBONEBBIT4LSGSTAINLESS STEELS. BBIT4LSG22SSTWISTED WIRE DOGBONET. BBIT4LSG21SSTWISTED WIRE SNAFFLE N O PU. BBIT4LSG24SSSMALL TWISTED WIRE DOGBONEQ R S T UBARREL BITSDiamond Draw VThe Diamond Draw provides rate, fl ex, and lift. The weighted rings allow quicker release of pressure and amplify the feel to horse and rider. Copper wrapped o-ring mouthpiece encourages salivation and acceptance. The harness headstall has durable cord cheeks for smooth pickup and release with additional poll pressure. 207HBDDB323BROWNED IRONV. HBDDB323COPPER O RING'