b'GoostreeCLASSICEQUINE.COMBarrel BitsCarol Goostree is a true barrel racing legend and has been a trusted name in bits for many years. She is a former World Champion and has provided the western industry with the highest quality bits, original in design and ridden by some of the best barrel racers in the world. We are proud to bring you some of the most successful designs in the line.CG BitThe CG bit is one of the fi rst bits Carol designed. She developed this bit especially for her champion mount Dobre in the late seventies. The chain snaffl e mouthpiece and short gag action make this bit soft and forgiving in a horses mouth. Horses tend to feel comfortable in this bit and show a lot of response without overreacting. It helps add control in the turns, BARREL BITSand support and correct an overly bendy horse. The CGs 5-1/2 weighted shanks add more feel and help encourage a proper headset.GTCGBITA. GTCGBIT31CHAIN SNAFFLE208A'