b'Simplicity BitPLAY TO WINSimplicity bits are designed for light-mouthed horses that need more fl ex with added control. These bits enforce natural fl exion and rate going into a turn and are great transitioning tools for young horses that are ready to add more speed as they advance. Simplicity bits are trusted by some of the most successful barrel racers in the world. 5 shank.GTSBITB. GTSBIT12TWISTED WIRE SNAFFLEC. GTSBIT13DR BRISTOLD. GTSBIT30CHAINE. GTSBIT31CHAIN SNAFFLEB C D ESimplicity II BitSimplicity II bits encourage natural fl exion with their balanced gag action. Designed for light-mouthed horses that need more fl ex and added control in the turn without restriction. 5 shank.GTSIIBITF. GTSIIBIT12TWISTED WIRE SNAFFLEG. GTSIIBIT13 DR BRISTOLH. GTSIIBIT30 CHAINBARREL BITSI.GTSIIBIT31CHAIN SNAFFLE209F G H I'