b'Double Gag BitCLASSICEQUINE.COMThe Double Gag is for a light-mouthed horse that needs more direction and lift in competition runs as speed increases. The slight gag action gives the horse a chance to prepare for full contact before the rider fully engages the bit. It is comfortable, safe and provides a tremendous amount of feel for the rider without being too harsh. 8 shank.GTDGA. GTDGSS13SHORT SHANK DR BRISTOLB. GTDGSS30SHORT SHANK CHAINC. GTDGLS13LONG SHANK DR BRISTOLD. GTDGLS30LONG SHANK CHAINA B C DDelight BitThe Delight has been around for decades and continues to be a best seller. It is a light bit, but offers quicker contact and a little more control when needed. The Delight is one of the original bits in Carols line, and is perfect for tuning an older fi nished horse or for seasoned colts going around the barrels. 4-3/4 shank.GTDBITBARREL BITSE. GTDBIT12TWISTED WIRE SNAFFLEF. GTDBIT13DR BRISTOLG. GTDBIT30CHAINH. GTDBIT31CHAIN SNAFFLE210 E F G H'