b'Roper CollectionCLASSICEQUINE.COMThe Les Vogt Roper Collection is designed to increase performance in the arena, on the ranch, or on the trail with precision design combinations.Dogbone Snae with Swivel CheeksShank: 5-3/4; Leverage Position: 1. Low leverage, easy mouthpiece is great for green or fragile horses.Over the past 50 years, I have learned how to calculate effectiveA. LVRB1leverage ratios and combine them with creative mouthpieces to maximize each horses performance. -Les Vogt3 PieceShank: 6-3/4; Leverage Position: 1.5. Popular, versatile graduation bit with more A B leverage, feel, and respect on green horses.B. LVRB8Short Shank Correction with Swivel CheeksShank: 6-3/4; Leverage Position: 2. Allows for rate and communication. Shifts weight to the hindquarters and eliminates performance dead spots.C. LVRB5C D Swivel Port with Hinged CheeksShank: 7-1/2; Leverage Position: 2-1/2. Swivel port mouthpiece combined with high leverage allows lift and more control when shifting weight to the hindquarters. Flexible and slow reacting; good for strong, well-seasoned horses.D. LVRB3LES VOGT BITSSquare Port with RollersShank: 6-3/4; Leverage Position: 2-1/2. Contoured chain links fi nd pressure points that achieve lateral fl exion with rate and body control under speed.E F E. LVRB6Chain216 Shank: 8; Leverage Position: 3. Chain mouthpiece with high leverage. Flexible and slow reacting, good for stronger, well-seasoned horses.F. LVRB2'