b'A B IString Martingale Colt ReinMARTINSADDLERY.COM THE COMPANY COWBOYS KEEPLightweight martingale designed to teachRein your colt without the excess bulk of a longrein. Yacht rope has 3/4 diameter and shorterexion and facilitate consistent rein cues. Adjustable for any headset. length for colts. Harness leather slobber straps.A. SMART I. LRNBonnetGoes over the brow and the nose, with a ring to attach the tiedown strap. Made of adjustableat braid rope and high quality leather.B. BONNETMC D Kick Chain Phil Haugen Training JUse to prevent a horse from kicking the stall.Over 30 years, Phil Haugen has Closure has an easy on/off application and designdeveloped a method of horsemanship includes a heavyweight one-size- ts-all dog chain. on the foundation of common sense, C. KICKCHAIN trust and understanding. A respected trainer and clinician, Phil has developed Pawing Chains these tools to help accomplish the training goals of all disciplines.Discourage pawing while a horse is trailered or tied. Small chains hang from a leather strap that buckles above the horses knee. One sizeMartingale ts most. Hermann Oak harness leather.D. PAWCHAINSClassic German Martingale with tightly braided rope applies pressure to the bars and corners of the mouth, and provides instant release as the horse gives. This tool is useful to maintain that softness in the bridle with added speed and pressure during the transition to higher level training in its desired discipline. Available with split rein or roping reins. KHobbles J. PHMARTINGALESRSPLIT REINE. HARNHOBHARNESS LEATHER PHMARTINGALERRROPING REINTRAINING TRAININGE F F. LATHOBLATIGO LEATHERG. ROPEHOB ROPE1/2 Braided Rein220 H 221Quick pickup and release helps the horse to Sideline Hobbles understand your cues and improves reaction to G your hands. The low stretch between the hands Rope with harness leather loops and bit keeps the horse from leaning on the bridle H. SIDELINEHOB and provides immediate release for softness. Use with slobber straps to facilitate a softer feel.K. PHREIN'