b'7-1/2 CheekCLASSICEQUINE.COMPorted ChainStainless steel cheek with a copper inlaid ported chain mouthpiece. This comfortable and pinchless mouthpiece allows for tongue relief while providing fl ex and bend. It also encourages the horse to break at the poll. Ideal for fi nished, well broke horses.A. SSPSBIT7SS32Low Port BarrelThis highly universal bit works well for anything from training to pleasure or competition. The low port provides tongue relief as slight pressure is applied to the bars of the mouth A B and the palate. Each side works independently from the port for increased lateral fl exion.B. TBBIT37SS60Ported Twisted WireAdvanced bit applies pressure to all parts of the mouth and sides of the tongue. Side pieces move independently with enhanced leverage and lift from twisted wire mouthpiece for desired stop and collection.C.TBBIT37SS34C CorrectionExtremely popular with performance riders and trainers. Taller port creates more palate pressure. Mouthpiece applies increased pressure to the sides of the tongue. Designed for fi nished, well broke horses of all disciplines.D. SSPSBIT7SS10E. TBBIT37SS10BIT LOGICD E224'