b'8 Cavalry CheekPLAY TO WINDesigned for more control in fi nished performance horses. The angled shank causes immediate response. The purchase/shank alignment ratio increases leverage, creating pressure to contact points. Use for competition and schooling, not daily training.1 x 1-3/4 CorrectionApplies increased pressure to all parts of the mouth and sides of the tongue. Used to school horses that need reminded of stopping and collection.F. SSPSBIT8CS10G. TBBIT38CS10Square Hinge PortSides of the mouthpiece move independently forF Glateral control and fl exion for lifting the shoulder, achieving collection, and promoting a level headset.H. TBBIT38CS70Ported Twisted WireAdvanced bit applies pressure to all parts of the mouth and sides of the tongue. Side pieces move independently with enhanced leverage and lift from twisted wire mouthpiece for desired stop and collection.I. TBBIT38CS34Ported H I JInlaid copper mouthpiece with a higher port increases degree of contact with the palate, offering tongue relief with 1-1/2 width. For collection with a fi nished horse.J. SSPSBIT8CS43HackamoreBIT LOGIC9 cheek with solid noseband and adjustable chain. Pinch free, designed for more control.Performance Series K LK. HACKSSPS225Professional SeriesL. HACKTB3'