b'Racer Piggin StringNOTHING COMES CLOSERacer Piggin Strings are more than just a good feeling body. A special process ensures each eye is just the right size and will not turn. Hand sewn rawhide burners provide speed and smoothness. A specially formulated wax creates just the right balance and body to add speed to your tie. 100% nylon Racer strings are fast and snappy, with a great feel. RED RACER6.5S, SM, M, MHBLUE RACER6.5S, SM, M, MHWHITE RACER BLUE EYE6.5XS, S, SM, M, MH, HWHITE RACER RED EYE6.5XS, S, SM, M, MH, HWHITE RACER BLACK EYE6.5SM, M, MH, HWHITE RACER PURPLE EYE6.5M, MH, HSTEER STRING GREEN EYE7.55/16, 5/16 FULLRACER BEST SELLERS#SIZELAY1BLUE EYEMH2BLUE EYEM3BLUE EYESMGoat StringsRecommended by renowned clinician and goat tying coach Lynn Smith. Three ply construction for optimal hold, in four variations of stiffness for increased speed and control at all levels and age groups.Novice (S): The softest feeling string in the line for the ultimate beginner. Junior (MS): Designed for young, beginning goat tyers. Easier for smaller hands to handle.STRINGSOriginal (M): Precise blend between fi rmness for snappy ties and suppleness for control. Ideal string for goat tyers who are looking to add speed to their ties.Pro (H): Offers optimum speed without sacrifi cing security. A truly fast string that is accurate run after run, for goat tyers who are comfortable handling a stiff string.Boys: The perfect blend for fast ties, with a21manageable length for tying goats.GOAT STRING52S, MS, M, HBOYS GOAT STRING60S'