b'Cashel Rubber Bell Boots Tail BagENJOY THE RIDECASHELCOMPANY.COMStrong, pliable rubber construction providesSuperior quality and durability, the Tail Bag protection against over reach injury. Will not attractprevents dirt, manure, and chewing foals from stickers or trap burrs and grass. Provides a 360damaging your horses tail. Adjustable elastic degree wrap, covering the entire coronet bandtop and sturdy hook-and-loop closure make and bulb of the hoof. Sturdy leather with doubleit easy to put on and keeps it in place.hook-and-loop closures for easy application. Size: 26 (including fringe)Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large TBSOLIDSBB-BLARBLACK $12.99BB-RCOLORS$19.99 PATTERNS$15.99BLACK GREY RED BLACK RED BURGUNDY NAVY GREEN LEOPARD CAMO FREEDOM TEAL TRIBAL BLACK TRIBAL MESATail ShieldHORSE & DOG ACCESSORIES HORSE & DOG ACCESSORIESThis neoprene tail wrapts securely and comfortably to protect the horses tailhead from rubbing and breakage. Also designed to use in live cover and arti cial insemination breeding PINK PURPLE BLUE TEAL LIME situations by helping to keep the tail area clear and clean. Not recommended for use overve hours.Size: 12 x 12TS No-Turn Bell Boot $21.99Superior protection and comfort. Tough nylon shell stands up to abuse on the trail or in the arena. Shock absorbing foam center helps protect critical, sensitive areas of the foot. Remains securely in place. Black.236 Sizes: Mini, XX-Sm (Lg Mini), X-Sm (Sm Pony),237Sm (Lg Pony/Sm Horse), Med, Lg, X-LgBB-BLA$29.99BLACK RED PURPLE ROYAL GREEN'