b'NEWLatigo Rope Strap Replacement Tie StringsMARTINSADDLERY.COM THE COMPANY COWBOYS KEEPLatigo leather. Rancher style is 3-9.Replace latigo tie strings on headstalls, Roper style is 2-4. reins and more. Package of 10.RSLROPER TIESTRINGLATRSLBRANCHERROPERRANCHERCow Counter Saddle & Bridle Repair KitHang the Cow Counter on your horn when teamIncluded for saddle repair:penning and ranch sorting to keep track of1 Tie Carrierwhich cows have been called. Chestnut skirting1 Off Tie Carrierleather with metal rivets and latigo tie strap. 2 Rosettes (2)COWCOUNTER 2 Rosettes (1-1/2)2 Clip & Dees (3/4)2 Latigo StringsIncluded for bridle repair:4 Lace Bit Ties4 Chicago Screws2 Waterloops (1/2)REPAIRKITSADDLE ACCESSORIES SADDLE ACCESSORIESNight LatchThe Night Latch is a small, adjustable handleLeather Care Padsmade of chocolate harness leather. It easily attaches to the swells of your saddle for addedMade of real sheep wool. Great for security and safety while breaking or riding colts. use with saddle soap, leather oil or NIGHTLATCH leather conditioner. Package of 4.OILPAD236 237'