b'Crusader Fly Protection MILITARY SUPPORTThe Crusaders soft coated nylonBlue CrusaderENJOY THE RIDECASHELCOMPANY.COMmicromesh makes it durable, soft and comfortable. The CrusaderThere is no way to repay the debt we owe the men and women who have served in the Armed Forces. also blocks up to 70% of the sunsIn an effort to help those who carry the scars damaging UV rays, protecting horsesfrom their service, 5% of proceeds from all blue trimmedy masks are donated to military charity from eye problems and sunburn. efforts. We hope in some small way we can impact the lives of those who sacri ced for us all. Blue.Sizes: Yearling/Large Pony, Arab/Small Horse, A BEST B BEST Crusader Fly Mask Horse, WarmbloodSELLER SELLER CFMS-BLSTANDARDThe Crusaders patented three hole cap andCFMSE-BLSTANDARD WITH EARSdouble dart construction hold material well away from sensitive eyes, lashes and temples without damaging the forelock. This provides a more natural and completeeld of vision. Grey.Sizes: Mini/Foal, Weanling/Small Pony,BREAST CANCER RESEARCHYearling/Large Pony, Arab/Small Horse, Horse, Warmblood, Draft Pink CrusaderStandard We are dedicated to helping blaze the trail in The classict. Protects eyes, cheeks and foreheadtheght against breast cancer. That is why we fromies and sun without impeding vision. donate 5% of the proceeds from each pinky A. CFMS mask to fund breast cancer research. Your support can help make survivor stories possible. Pink.C D Standard with Ears Sizes: Arab/Small Horse, Horse, WarmbloodAll the bene ts of the Standard mask, with softCFMS-PNKSTANDARDmicromesh nylon sleeves to protect the ears. CFMSE-PNKSTANDARD WITH EARSB. CFMSESTANDARD EARSC. CFMMSEMULE EARSLong NoseExtra material on the nose provides added insect protection and shields the sensitive nose from UV rays, a bene t for any horse.D. CFMLFLY PROTECTION FLY PROTECTIONLong Nose with Ears ANIMAL RESCUEAll the bene ts of the Long Nose, with soft micromesh nylon sleeves to protect the ears. Orange CrusaderE F E. CFMLESTANDARD EARS The wellbeing of our equine friends has F. CFMMLEMULE EARS always been ourrst concern, so we donate 5% of proceeds from our orangey masks to Hook-And-Loop Extender rescue efforts nationwide. We always have. Every horse deserves the very best, and Add up to 5 to youry mask. Attach thewe know you agree. Join us in the crusade 240 Extender to each side of the existing strapagainst animal cruelty and feel con dent that241for greater sizingexibility andt. Grey. together we can make a difference. Orange.VSE Sizes: Arab/Small Horse, Horse, WarmbloodCFMS-ORASTANDARDCFMSE-ORASTANDARD WITH EARS'