b'Jim Edwards SidepullTHE COMPANY COWBOYS KEEPA training tool every horseman should own. Great for colt starting or as a hackamore alternative. Used as a stepping stone for a young horse from the halter in preparation for an o-ring, with a similar feel to a halter. It offers a clear signal and is also excellent for softening a horse of any age who needs a break from the bit.JESIDEPULLBonnetGoes over the brow and the nose, with a ring to attach the tie down strap. Made of adjustable fl at braid rope and high quality leather.BONNETMColt Rein NEWTRAININGRein your colt without the excess bulk of a long rein. Yacht rope has 3/4 diameter and shorter length for colts. Harness leather slobber straps.LRN245'