b'ANEWColt PadMARTINSADDLERY.COMDeveloped for advanced horsemen and professional trainers when starting colts, the Colt Pad is a safe alternative to using your regular saddle when tying around young horses. Strategically placed D-rings offer multiple tying positions. High quality felt lining is covered with harness leather for durability. Latigos and back cinch included. Front cinch sold separately.A. COLTPADB CNEW Kick ChainUse to prevent a horse from kicking the stall. Closure has an easy on/off application and design includes a heavyweight one-size-fi ts-all dog chain.B. KICKCHAINPawing ChainsDiscourage pawing while a horse is trailered or tied. Small chains hang from a leather strap that buckles above the horses knee. One size fi ts most. Hermann Oak harness leather.C. PAWCHAINSD E HobblesHarness LeatherTRAININGD. HARNHOBREGULARHARNHOB-LLONGLatigo LeatherE. LATHOBF G Alpaca246 F. ALPHOBRopeG. ROPEHOBSideline HobblesRope with harness leather loopsH H. SIDELINEHOB'