b'A BQuiet Ride Fly Mask Quiet Ride Bug ArmorENJOY THE RIDECASHELCOMPANY.COMEliminate head tossing and stress causedComplete, natural protection on the go. The Quiet by insects on the trail. Based on the designRide Bug Armor cleverly attaches to the bridle of the Crusader Fly Mask, but with lighterand saddle for full coverage without affecting material for protection on the go. Made ofthe horse or riders movements. Provides a cool, soft, breathable nylon mesh that fastenscomfortable shield from biting insects without quickly and securely over the bridle withoutrestriction. Two piece set. One size. Black.affecting your horses vision. Black. QR-BABlack Horse Ear Sizes: Mini/Foal (Std and Std with Ears only), Weanling/Small Pony, Yearling/Large Pony, Arab/Small Horse, Horse, Warmblood, DraftC DLeopard Horse Ear Sizes: Yearling/Large Pony, Arab/Small Horse, Horse, WarmbloodMule Ear Sizes: Mini/Mini Donkey, Large Pony/Donkey, Small Horse/Large Donkey, Horse/Mule, Warmblood/Large Mule, Draft/Mammoth MuleStandard Quiet Ride HoodThe classict. Protects eyes, cheeks and forehead fromies and sun without impeding vision. Soft and lightweight, the Quiet Ride Hood attaches A. QRSBLACK easily to the bridle, adjusts tot any horse, and B. QRS-21LPLEOPARD moves easily with your horses head. The mesh is breathable, allowing your horses neck to stay cool Standard with Ears while keeping insects away during your ride. Black.QR-HDE F All the bene ts of the Standard mask, with soft micromesh nylon sleeves to protect the ears.C. QRSESTANDARD EARS BLACKD. QRSE-21LPSTANDARD EARS LEOPARD E. QRMSEMULE EARS BLACKLong NoseExtra material on the nose provides added insect protection and shields the sensitive nose from UV rays, a bene t for any horse.FLY PROTECTION FLY PROTECTIONF. QRLLong Nose with EarsAll the bene ts of the Long Nose, with softQuiet Ride Belly Guardmicromesh nylon sleeves to protect the ears. A must for comfort on the go. The cool, lightweight G H G. QRLESTANDARD EARS mesh keepsies at bay when you are on the go, H. QRMLEMULE EARS without slipping or bunching. Perfect for long trail rides when extra protection is necessary. Black.Sizes: Small, Medium/Large246 QR-BG 247'