b'IPhil HaugenTrainingTHE COMPANY COWBOYS KEEPOver 30 years, Phil Haugen has developed a method of horsemanship on the foundation of common sense, trust and understanding. A respected trainer and clinician, Phil has developed these tools to help accomplish the training goals of all disciplines.MartingaleClassic German Martingale with tightly braided rope applies pressure to the bars and corners of the mouth, and provides instant release as the horse gives. This tool is useful to maintain that softness in the bridle with addedJspeed and pressure during the transition to higher level training in its desired discipline. Available with split rein or roping reins.Split ReinI. PHMARTINGALESRRoping ReinPHMARTINGALERRFlexion RigUseful in developing vertical and lateral fl exion in the horse, as well as introducing colts to girth pressure. The Flexion Rig reinforces softness in horses at any level, encouraging them to move forward behind the bridle for immediate pressure release. Phil has used this tool with great success on numerous horses. Cinch included.J. PHFLEXRIG1/2 Braided ReinQuick pickup and release helps the horse to TRAININGunderstand your cues and improves reaction to your hands. The low stretch between the handsK Land bit keeps the horse from leaning on the bridle and provides immediate release for softness. Use with slobber straps to facilitate a softer feel.K. PHREIN247Bungee TiedownThe Bungee Tiedown makes introducing poll pressure easier in sensitive horses. Headset is encouraged with easy reinforcement without being too harsh. This helps the horse feel more comfortable and willing in his training.L. PHBTD'