b'Knotless Halter Flat Braid HalterENJOY THE RIDECASHELCOMPANY.COMHigh quality, weather resistant rope is ingeniouslyHigh quality halter made ofat braided UV interwoven for a smooth transition at the nose,resistant, color fast material. It wont stretch, throat and cheeks. This design reduces pressurestiffen or become brittle. Durable and strong, and abrasion, helping to eliminate discomfortyet soft and lightweight. 8 lead included.and missing hair. Sturdy tri-weave will not slip.HTR-BMTHIncludes halter and 9 lead with popper. Black.HTR-KL-HBLACKNEWBLACK WHITE BROWN COPPER GOLD GREENFlat Braid Bronc HalterHigh quality halter made ofat braided UVNEWresistant material. It wont stretch, stiffen or become brittle. Durable and strong, yet soft andNAVY BLUE PURPLE PINK MARDI GRASlightweight. The wide leather noseband is stylish and comfortable for your horse. 8 lead included.Styles: Floral Stamp, Basket StampFLORAL STAMP HTR-BRLN Foam Ear PlugsSoft, comforting Cashel foam is molded to HORSE & DOG ACCESSORIES HORSE & DOG ACCESSORIES t safely in your horses ears. These cushion ear plugs are easy to insert and help comfort your horse by muf ing the noises of clipping, BASKET STAMP bathing, trailering, trail riding, and showing.ROUND FOAMWith String Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large FOAM NO STRINGEPWITH STRINGNo String Sizes: Medium, LargeEPNNO STRINGBeaded Flat Braid HalterHigh quality halter made ofat braided UVRound Foam Ear Plugsresistant, color fast material with beautifulSoft, molded foam is textured to keep the ear plug beading detail on the noseband. It wont stretchin place. Easily moldable tot in the ear. Two pair.or become stiff or brittle. Durable and strong, yet soft and lightweight. 8 lead included. Sizes: Medium (4 cm), Large (4.5 cm)250 HTR-BDBRH-BKWH CEEP SHEEPSKIN 251Sheepskin Ear Plugs FOAM WITH STRINGMade of 100% sheep wool with a soft foam core to maximize muf ing of sound. Comfortable feel that stays in place. Connected with a 28 cord.Size: MediumEP-SS-MBLACK / WHITE'