b'G H I J/L K/MRemovable Flank BilletTHE COMPANY COWBOYS KEEPDoubled and stitched skirting leatherG. FB134RNATURALH. FB134CRCHESTNUTI. FB134CORCHOCOLATEFlank BilletDoubled and stitched skirting leatherJ. FB134NATURALK. FB134CCHESTNUTExtra Strong Flank BilletDoubled and stitched skirting leather with a biothane center for extra strengthL. FB134NNATURALM. FB134NCCHESTNUTLatigo N O POriginal style is thin yet strong, causing less bulk in the girth area and allowing free leg movement. SADDLE ACCESSORIESRoper style is heavier duty for extra strength. Ends are tapered to make it easier to pull tight.Length: 6 6N. LL134REGULARLL134RHEAVYO side Latigo1-3/4 durable, low stretch, top quality latigo leatherDoubled and StitchedO. OL134DS 251Single PlyP. OL134'