b'Bandage/Ship Boot No Bow BandageENJOY THE RIDECASHELCOMPANY.COMThe unique elastic with hook-and-loop closureTraditional cotton and foam to aid in wrapping system provides an adjustable yet non-bindingtwithout damaging the leg. Use with polo wraps that makes wrapping easier. Ideal for post workout,for treatment or prevention of injury. Use over overnight stabling, shipping, turnout, or overliniment or as directed by your veterinarian. White.liniment. Wash in cold water, air dry. Pair. Black.Sizes: Small (12), Medium (14), Sizes: 12, 14, 16 Large (16), X-Large (18)BBA NBBHock Sock Horse HelmetThis all-in-one bandage has hook-and-loop closuresHelps prevent head injury while traveling, trailer with elastic that allows you to vary the tensionloading or unloading. Patented adjustable elastic and helps keep your bandage in place. Use overstraps quickly snap onto the halter. Large ear medication or with liniment. Washable. Black. holes, hospital quality felt and extra foam padding Size: 13 h x 21 cir. at the poll. Black. US Patent No. 5,713,188.BHS-BLA-H HH-BLAHORSE & DOG ACCESSORIES HORSE & DOG ACCESSORIESStall Sore Boot Bit GuardA simple solution for horses bruising andPrevents soreness and provides comfort. Long developing pressure sores on the foreleg from beinglasting protection against pinching ensures down with medical conditions or stalled on hardimproved performance. Made of water resistant, surfaces. Helps protect sores from aggravationnontoxic rubber with a simple hook-and-loop for faster healing. Neoprene exterior, softeececlosure that makes installation a snap.lining, and open back. Adjustable straps allowCG-BLA252 the boot tot a wide range of leg sizes. Black. 253Sizes: Medium, LargeSSB-BLA'