b'NEWTail Bag Dog LeashENJOY THE RIDECASHELCOMPANY.COMSuperior quality and durability, the Tail BagThe braided dog leash comes in handy at home, prevents dirt, manure, and chewing foals fromon the trail and at the rodeo or horse show. It damaging your horses tail. Adjustable elastichas a convenient loop to hold, and the slipknot top and sturdy hook-and-loop closure makeend is adjustable tot almost any dogs neck.it easy to put on and keeps it in place.Length: 9Size: 26 (including fringe) SA-DLTBBLACK BROWNGREEN BLUEBLACK NAVY RED GREEN BURGUNDY LEOPARD CAMO FREEDOM TEAL TRIBAL MESA AZURE BLACK TRIBAL PURPLETail Shield Dog CollarHORSE & DOG ACCESSORIES HORSE & DOG ACCESSORIESThis neoprene tail wrapts securely andFor the best friend that deserves something extra comfortably to protect the horses tailhead fromspecial. Choose from unique tooling and hardware rubbing and breakage. Also designed to use incombinations to suit your pets personality. A B C D Elive cover and arti cial insemination breedingSizes: Small (16), Medium (18), Large situations by helping to keep the tail area clear and(21), X-Large (23), XX-Large (25)clean. Not recommended for use overve hours.Size: 12 x 12TS Guns and RosesA. SA-DCGR-NTNATURALB. SA-DCGR-CHCHOCOLATEStandardC. SA-DC4FLORALD. SA-DC7STARE. SA-DC6SCROLL254 255BLACK ROYAL RED GREEN PURPLE'