b'Two Padded Zippered Padded RopeRope Compartments Front Pocket Deluxe Rope Bag Basic Rope Bag Compartment DividedRATTLERROPE.COM CLASSICROPE.COMNEW Two main padded compartments keep ropes tidy, oneNylon material with padded rope compartments andFront Pocketwith a mesh bottom to allow dirt to escape. Meshan outside pocket with a divider make the Basic RopeNEWpocket behind holds dirty ropes, boots, etc. MoreBag a ropers favorite. Also features a mesh pocketMesh Pocketpockets for ample storage, and straps that buckle forwith an elastic top on each side to hold gloves, easy attachment to the fence. Holds up to nine ropes. powder, and other necessities. Holds up to four ropes.Classic Rope Classic RopeCC2002 CC102NEWNAVY CHEVRON / NAVY OCEAN / BLACKOCEAN / TAN GREY / OCEANBack Mesh PocketBLACK / MERLOT TAN / NAVY CHEVRON NAVY CHEVRON / MERLOT BLACK / TANROPING GEAR ROPING GEARRattler Rope Rattler RopeRC2002 RC10224 25GREY / TAN NAVY CHEVRON / NAVY'