b'Fly Sheet Belly GuardCASHELCOMPANY.COMAdded protection from chest to fl ank, the Fly Sheet Belly Guard gives relief from fl ies where your horse needs it most. Soft straps are comfortable, adjustable and secure. Use with the Crusader Fly Sheet in the pasture or stable. Black.Sizes: 66-72, 74-80, 82-84FS-BGFly Mask Nose NetThe Nose Net protects your horses muzzle out in the pasture. Attaches to the halter. Durable mesh blocks 70% of the suns harmful UV rays. Grey.Sizes: Small, Medium, LargeFM-NNFLY PROTECTIONHook-And-Loop ExtenderAdd up to 5 to your fl y mask. Attach the Extender to each side of the existing strap for greater sizing fl exibility and fi t. Grey.VSE264'