b'Tush Western Luxury FoamENJOY THE RIDECASHELCOMPANY.COMCushions1/2 Cashel foam with 1 foam border along cantle and molding in seat cushion. Black.Size: 15-1/2 w x 17 lCashel Tush Cushions make hours inTC-WLUXthe saddle more comfortable without interfering with balance or seat position. Made with the same closed cell foam as our popular Cushion saddle pads, they will not collapse or retain heat over time.Western Long FoamAdjustable nylon straps hold the cushionCashel foam protects sciatic area, tailbone and hips. Seat extends 5 and provides additionalrmly in place. All Western Tush Cushionspadding up the cantle for riders who like to sit can also be used on no horn saddles. back in the saddle or who have had tailbone injuries that require extra cushioning. Black.A B Size: 13 w x 15 lWestern Large Fleece TC-W2L1/21/2 Cashel foam witheece lining. Wider andTC-W3L3/4longer to support you where the saddle doesnt, this is the ultimate cushion in the line. It is designed with double thick Cashel foam along the outside edge to help eliminate painful pressure points and provide a more comfortable ride. Western Standard FoamSize: 16-1/2 w x 18 lA. TCFWX-BLABLACK Cashel foam protects pelvic area. Black.B. TCFWXTAN Size: 13 w x 10 lTC-W21/2Western Long Fleece TC-W33/4C D1/2 Cashel foam witheece lining. Protects sciatic area, tailbone and hips. Seat extends 5 and provides additional padding up the cantle for riders who require extra cushioning.RIDER ACCESSORIES RIDER ACCESSORIESSize: 13 w x 15 lC. TCFWL-BLABLACKD. TCFWLTANEnglish Foam Fleece Seat ShrinkerCashel foam designed tot mostWhy buy a new saddle? The Fleece Seat English saddles. Black. Shrinker provides an affordable way to adjust the saddle seat for all riders. Comfortable E F Size: 13 w x 14 l and easy to install. Adjusts to accommodate E. TC-E21/2 most western saddles. Perfect for growing TC-E33/4 kids or adults that share saddles. Black.266 SA-SSHR-FL 267Australian Foam1/2 Cashel foam designed tot most Australian saddles. Black.Size: 13 w x 9 lF. TC-A'