b'Flexion by LegacyPLAY TO WINFlexion technology provides individualprovides suspensory support withoutSizes: Small, Medium, Largeabrasive resistant cells on the Fetlockinhibiting movement, reinforcingBlack, White also available in X-LargeCradle System with impact and wearthe horses natural motion whileFCLS102FRONTprotection never before seen in theprotecting the critical structures ofFCLS202HINDequine leg protection space. Eachthe leg using natures design. FCLS202TTALL HINDFlexion cell can move and stretchExtended height of the Tall Hind offers individually, creating a fl ush, secure fi tmore tendon and suspensory support when wrapping the cradle around thefor horses with longer cannon bones. horses leg. The same Legacy2 designAvailable in Black and White only.Made of 100% virgin neoprene that provides four-way stretch for ultimateexibilitySuspensory rib ensures proper boot alignmentPerforated body allows heat to escape and the leg to breatheShock absorbing splint pad guards against cross re and other scalping injuriesHook-and-loop closures with elastic reinforcement provide exceptional grip and durabilitySoft lycra inner layer cleans easily and dries quicklyExclusive Cradle Fetlock System provides maximum support to the fetlockFlexion technology has extended stretch, ensuring a close, PROTECTIVE BOOTScomfortablet that is UV, impact and wear resistantBound edges help keep out dirt and debrisNEW25BLACK WHITE CHARCOAL BLUE CRIMSON'