b'Knotless HalterCASHELCOMPANY.COMHigh quality, weather resistant rope is ingeniously interwoven for a smooth transition at the nose, throat and cheeks. This design reduces pressure and abrasion, helping to eliminate discomfort and missing hair. Sturdy tri-weave will not slip. Includes halter and 9 lead with popper. Black.HTR-KL-HBLACKNEW Flat Braid Bronc HalterHORSE & DOG ACCESSORIESHigh-quality halter made of fl at braided UV resistant material. It wont stretch, stiffen or become brittle. Durable and strong, yet soft and lightweight. The wide leather noseband is stylish and comfortable for your horse. 8 lead included.Styles: Floral Stamp, Basket StampHTR-BRLN268FLORAL STAMP BASKET STAMP'