b'EZ Knees Step-Up StirrupENJOY THE RIDECASHELCOMPANY.COMRelieve pain in your knees and hips while you ride.Solves the problem of mounting away from home. EZ Knees allow your feet to rest in a more naturalAttach to the saddle horn and pull around the back of position, helping to eliminate pressure. 1/8 handthe cantle to create an extra step. Adjustable strap, polished aluminum. Rust proof and durable. stainless steel hardware and storage bag. Black.Sizes (by stirrup leather width): 2-1/2, 3 Sizes: Regular (52), X-Long (72)EZK SOSStirrup Cushion Braided Ranch RopeWith Cashel foam sewn into durable nylon,3/8 diameter, 45 long and made of 100% these shock absorbing wrapst on the basebraided, waxed nylon perfect for working on the of your stirrups and secure with a hook-and- ranch. The lay is soft enough for anyone to handle, loop closure. Our exclusive Grip Strip helpsbut durable enough for the most dif cult tasks.keep your foot securely in the stirrup. Black. TA-RRWestern Sizes (4-1/2 wide):Medium ( ts 1-3/4 - 2-1/4 deep stirrups), Large ( ts 2-1/2 - 3-1/4 deep stirrups), X-Large ( ts 4 - 4-1/2 deep stirrups)English Size (4-3/4 wide):Medium ( ts 2-1/2 stirrups)SCRIDER ACCESSORIES RIDER ACCESSORIESHORSEMANS KNIFE DaddleHorsemans Knife Scabbard SCABBARDDad can give the ultimate horseback rides! IdealKeeps your Horsemans Knife conveniently for ages 2-6, the Daddle is a soft stuffed saddletucked away at your belt or on your breastcollar.complete with adjustable stirrups, soft saddle hornHKNIFESCABand a latigo strap designed with Dads comfort in mind. Made of washable sturdy cotton and will bring hours of enjoyment to your home. Daddle Up! 268 DAD-SA-BLA Horsemans Knife 269Features a standard pocket knife blade, frog knife, hole enlarger, bot knife and hoof pick. Keep in the trailer or barn and pack one on the trail to be prepared.HKNIFE HORSEMANS KNIFE'