b'NEWCashelRancherENJOY THE RIDECASHELCOMPANY.COMSaddles The Ranchers lower,atter seat is designed for all day comfort. Larger swells and free swinging fenders keep the rider in a secure position on any horse, over any Cashel saddles are made with yourterrain. This saddle is tough enough for ranch work.security and comfort in mind. We offerTree Sizes: 14, 15, 16Gullet Size: Standard (6-1/2)versatility in styles great for training, coltSA-CKRAstarting, pleasure riding, competition, mounted shooting and ranch work.Cashel Trail and Trail Blazer saddles are built on the Axis True Fit tree, with a uniqueberglass seat and kiln-dried South Dakota white pine. The bars distribute weight evenly and allow a full range of motion. Double stirrup leather cutouts and a smooth surface withared edges create a smooth, balanced ride.SMOOTHOUT Cashel Trail Saddle Trail Blazer SaddleThe Cashel Trail has horse and riders comfort andThe Trail Blazer is built on the AXIS tree with security in mind. Stirrup fenders are positioned toHermann Oak leather for a goodt and durability. It give the rider a comfortable leg angle for stability. Ais 7/8 rigged, with plenty of strings and rings and an double padded seat makes a softer ride for long trailadditional crupper ring for versatility. The Trail Blazer rides, and the redesigned larger swells and cantleis great for exercising, endurance, colt starting, reining offer more security. Tie rings are woven into eachand western pleasure. Its double padded seat and string set, along with an additional crupper ring. Thesecure pocket, along with the large swells and cantle, saddle is 7/8 rigged, and with the AXIS tree providesprovide balance and comfort for a long day in the full, even contact to your horse. Weight: 24-1/2 lbs.saddle with less fatigue. If youre looking for a cost Chocolate Hermann Oak leather. Made in the USA. effective saddle to cover a variety of disciplines, the Tree Sizes: 15, 16, 17 Trail Blazer will go the distance. Weight: 27-1/2 lbs. SADDLES SADDLESROUGHOUT Chocolate Hermann Oak leather. Made in the USA.Gullet Sizes: Standard (6-1/2), Wide (7)SA-CTSMOOTHOUTTree Sizes: 15, 16, 17SA-CT-RROUGHOUT Gullet Size: Standard (6-1/2)SA-TB274 275MADE WITH ANADE WITH ANMTRUE FITSADDLETREETRUE FITSADDL REEET'