b'Cowboy RoperENJOY THE RIDECASHELCOMPANY.COMKid Tailored to help young ropers as they learn the basics, with a horn that is easy to reach and a seat Saddles designed to keep them in position. Blocked fenders help keep balance while delivering the loop.Seat Sizes: 12, 13For the serious competitor, CashelGullet Size: 5-1/2SA-CKROis proud to offer a serious youth saddle designed with the young rider in mind. All Cowboy Kid saddles are built to use, with trees and rigging that stand up to hard work. A secure seat pocket, roughout leather, and kid friendly proportions help the young rider maintain correct position andRancherbalance. Available in four styles, The Ranchers lower,atter seat is designed for you are sure tond a saddle that isall day comfort. Larger swells and free swinging the perfectt for your cowboy kid. fenders keep the rider in a secure position on any horse, over any terrain. Just like the kids who ride These saddles cant a wide rangethem, this saddle is tough enough for ranch work.of riders by adjusting stirrups andSeat Sizes: 10, 12, 13Gullet Size: 5adding a seat shrinker. They areSA-CKRAtailored to those who wear kids western jeans from size 4 to 14.Barrel Racer WadeSADDLES SADDLESNarrow ground seat helps the rider balanceThe Wade saddle offers closer contact to the for tight turns, with a tall, narrow horn forhorse with a traditional cowboy design. Its security and leverage. Prominent swells keepslightly larger horn cap secures the rope, and the rider in position as the horse drops, andthe high cantle keeps the rider in position.the higher cantle helps keep the rider fromSeat Sizes: 12, 13falling behind as the horse accelerates. Gullet Size: 5-1/2278 Seat Sizes: 12, 13 279SA-CKWAGullet Size: 5SA-CKBR'