b'Grazing Muzzle HalterENJOY THE RIDEHorses can enjoy the pasture, drink freely, and get exercise without overeating. Adjustable design fi ts over the poll and under the chin. Never leave a grazing muzzle on for extended periods of time without consulting your veterinarian. Black.Sizes: Mini, Pony, HorseGMHALUMINUM STEELHANDLE HANDLE BESTManure Fork Handle SELLERSturdy, lightweight aluminum handle with new, easier grip, is specifi cally designed to be used with our Manure Fork Head. 50 long.MFHALUMINUMMFH-BLASTEELManure Fork HeadConstructed of a virtually indestructible composite material that resists breakage and stands up to all sorts of abuse. Use with the Manure Fork Handle. Black.Size: 18MF-18-BLABARN ACCESSORIESvirtually indestructible head279'