b'Breathe Easy Elastic Billet English Girth ChannelENJOY THE RIDECASHELCOMPANY.COMUnique construction incorporates strongCashel foam english girth pad is grooved elastic webbing, giving your horse greaterdown the center and helps prevent gall sores. comfort and potentially better performance. AThe girth lays in the concave portion of the sliding leather sleeve protects the elastic fromchannel, so no part of the girth can irritate sweat and wear over the dee ring. No needor pinch your horse. Inside groove is 4 wide to replace your favorite cinch in order to getand 3/4 thick. Black. Cut length tot.the bene ts of elastic. Chestnut leather. Size: 48 x 5BE-CHE GC-EFLEECE FLEECE 2 LATIGO BILLETRing Master Nylon Latigo & BilletKeep your cinch ring from pinching or cha ng yourLatigo Size: 1-3/4 x 69-1/2horse. It is easy to put on and ensures your horsesBillet Size: 1-3/4 x 32comfort under the saddle. The Neoprene Ring Master does not absorb sweat and easily rinsesSA-NYLATLATIGOclean with water. The Fleece Ring Master is madeSA-NYBILBILLETof 100% sheepskin and attaches with leather ties.Size: 5 h x 9 cirRMFFLEECERMF2FLEECE 2RMNEOPRENESADDLE ACCESSORIES SADDLE ACCESSORIESBLACK BROWN BLACK BROWNNEOPRENE SADDLE STRINGSSaddle Strings Rump WarmerDee String clip assembly, 24 long. Latigo leather. Designed speci cally for the endurance rider, the SA-CDSTRING Rump Warmer prevents your horse from cooling off too quickly after long trips. Important back muscles and organs stay warm and protected with the soft polareece lining and waterproof top. Attaches to your saddle with tie-on strings. Black.280 RW-H 281'