b'NEWCasa Zia Navajo BlanketENJOY THE RIDE ENJOY THE RIDEReach for this classic blanket for everyMade from 100% woven woolbers. Use it ride. The double-weave fabrication meansunder felt or cushion pads to extend the life of it will hold up to regular use, and thethe pad and provide additional padding when wear leathers ensure its longevity. needed. It also works great on top of a plain cushion or felt pad for the show ring. 1/4 thick.Size: 34 x 38CZB N3030 X 32 $69.99 N3232 X 34N3434 X 36 $29.99BLACK TANBROWN BLUE GREEN RED Felt LinerFelt is contoured to follow the horses natural shape. Intended for use under expensive saddle pads to extend their life. Works well to help absorb moisture and improve comfort Navajo Liner under less breathable materials. Black.This Navajo cotton blend blanket offers aSize: 31 x 33traditional design at an affordable price. Use asFL-WE-1/2-M1/2an underlayer to protect expensive saddle pads, $43.99or as a top blanket in the arena for its classic style. Helps as layer padding for horses thatFL-WE-1/4-M1/4need a little more support under the saddle. Turn $34.99it inside out and enjoy it for years to come.Size: 32 x 64SADDLE PADS SADDLE PADSN32X64 $29.99Pad PalMade of 100% cotton quilted brushed denim, this durable pad protector goes under your other 284 pads to protect them from sweat and the wear285and tear of repeated washings. Contoured at the withers for a bettert. Washable. Black.Sizes: Large (32 x 32), X-Large (34 x 34)PP-BLA-WE $54.99BLACK / WHITE TAN / BLACK RUST / TAN LIGHT BLUE / BLACK PURPLE / TEAL'