b'AQUA SHIELD HOOK-AND-LOOP BRUSHAqua ShieldCASHELCOMPANY.COMThis handy little foam cuff with a hook-and-loop closure wraps around your wrist and keeps water away from your body. Black. Made in USA. 2-3/8 wide.ASWWHook-and-Loop BrushA must have for every tack room, the strong brass bristles clean and rejuvenate your hook-and-loop closures without damaging them. Grey.VBBoot ScraperA helping hand to keep tidy. Keep the Boot Scraper at the barn, on the porch or in the mudroom.BSCRAPERBARN ACCESSORIESRubber Braiding BandsThese rubber bands are tangle resistant, super soft and crack resistant. The convenient storage tub contains 800 bands, so running out is rarely a problem. These are easy to carry and easy to store for all your horses mane and tail braiding needs.284 RBANDSBLACK WHITE BROWN'