b'High Line KitENJOY THE RIDEThe High Line Kit allows you to tie up to four horses using the traditional high line method. The kit comes complete with everything you need in a convenient, durable tote bag. Four high line swivelsFare easy to attach, remove, and hold secure. Two Tree Saver straps are adjustable to accommodate varying tree widths. Also included is 100 ft. of strong 3/8 nylon rope.A. TA-HLKTree Saver StrapsTree Saver Straps reduce damage by preventing the rope from cutting into the tree. They are made of 1-1/2 heavy webbing with nickel hardware. Length: 5-6. Set of two.B. TA-HLTS AHigh Line SwivelEasily and quickly set up tying spots along your high line. The High Line Swivel extends the lifeBof your high line rope, and cuts down on tangled ropes and confusion on spacing. Plus, the swivel ring helps prevent horses from getting tangled. This swivel stays in place and secure on a tight line.C. TA-HLS CDHigh Line Rope100 ft. of strong 3/8 nylon rope.D. TA-HLR BARN ACCESSORIES285'