b'Saddle PadsFrom training to the trail or arena, there is a CASHELCOMPANY.COM ENJOY THE RIDECashel saddle pad tot every need. With a complete line of quality liners and pads there is a solution to every horse enthusiasts needs and wants with great quality and affordability.Performance Felt Pad Cashel Trail PadThe split design moves with the horses back,Made for the ranch or trail, with orthopedic grade reducing friction. Made of 3/4 natural felt thatblended wool with a felt bottom. The contoured shape provides protection against saddle pressure ts to your horses back right away with a wither hole and shock. Natural wool wicks heat andfor comfort. Use it by itself or add a navajo liner moisture away for year round comfort. Grey. underneath for added support and extended life.CSPF31 X 33 Thickness: 1SA-CTP31 X 34SADDLE PADS SADDLE PADSFelt Pad Felt LinerSplit design moves with your horses back,Felt is contoured to follow the horses natural reducing friction on the trail or in the arena. Madeshape, intended for use under expensive of natural felt that provides protection againstsaddle pads to extend their life. Works well saddle pressure and shock. Natural wool wicks heatto help absorb moisture and improve comfort and moisture away for year-round comfort. Grey. under less breathable materials. Black.Thicknesses: 3/4, 1 Size: 31 x 33286 CSFP31 X 32 FL-WE-1/2-M1/2 287FL-WE-1/4-M1/4'