b'Fleece Seat ShrinkerCASHELCOMPANY.COMWhy buy a new saddle? The Fleece Seat Shrinker provides an affordable way to adjust the saddle seat for all riders. Comfortable and easy to install. Adjusts to accommodate most western saddles. Perfect for growing kids or adults that share saddles. Black.SA-SSHR-FLEZ Knees Relieve pain in your knees and hips while you ride. EZ Knees allow your feet to rest in a more natural position, helping to eliminate pressure. 1/8 hand polished aluminum. Rust proof and durable.Sizes (by stirrup leather width): 2-1/2, 3EZKRIDER ACCESSORIESStirrup CushionWith Cashel foam sewn into durable nylon, these shock absorbing wraps fi t on the base of your stirrups and secure with a hook-and-loop closure. Our exclusive Grip Strip helps keep your foot securely in the stirrup. Black.288 Western Sizes: Medium, Large, X-LargeEnglish Size: MediumSC'