b'Blanket Top Navajo LinerENJOY THE RIDECASHELCOMPANY.COMPerformance Felt Pad This Navajo cotton blend blanket offers a traditional design at an affordable price. Use as Made of 3/4 pressed felt with a merinoan underlayer to protect expensive saddle pads,or as a top blanket in the arena for its classiceece bottom and a blanket wool top. Distressed leather wear leathers. style. Helps as layer padding for horses that CSPFBT34 X 36 need a little more support under the saddle. Turn it inside out and enjoy it for years to come.N32X6432 X 64LIGHT BLUE / BLACK PURPLE / TEALBLACK / TEAL BROWN / RUSTRUST / TAN TAN / BLACK BLACK / WHITECAMEL / NAVY PURPLE / TAN TAN / BLUENavajo BlanketMade from 100% woven woolbers. Use it SADDLE PADS SADDLE PADSunder felt or cushion pads to extend the life of the pad and provide additional padding when needed. It also works great on top of a plain cushion or felt pad for the show ring. 1/4 thick.N3030 X 32N3232 X 34GREY CHOCOLATE TAN N3434 X 36288 289OLIVE PURPLE TURQUOISE BLACK TAN'