b'WESTERNCushion Pads 3/4Engineered to provide outstanding back protectionwith your saddle directly on top. RecommendedSwayback Cushion PadENJOY THE RIDECASHELCOMPANY.COMand shock absorbency, Cashel Cushion pads arefor use over a navajo, felt liner, or quilted pad.With a 1-1/2 center that tapers to 3/4 in made with a unique closed cell foam originallyClean with water and store on a smooth surface. the front and back, the Swayback Cushion designed for the aerospace industry for weightPad helps keep the saddle from riding onSHAPEDdistribution and shock reduction. They will notCorrection Cushion Pads the horses shoulder and loin bylling in the hollow area on the back of a swayback horse.collapse or absorb moisture and bacteria the wayMade with the same unique foam as the originalWestern Sizes: Medium (28 x 28), 1-1/2open cell foam pads do, nor will they retain heatCushion pads, Correction Cushion Pads are speciallyLarge (30 x 30), X-Large (32 x 32)or add unnecessary weight the way liquid gel padsdesigned to aid in providing optimal comfort andShaped Size: 28 x 30do. Extremely lightweight and conforming to yourprotection as well as to help adjust thet of yourEnglish Size: 23 x 26 ENGLISHhorses back, Cashel Cushions will help relievesaddle against the horse. They provide an easySWYW-.75-1.5WESTERNpressure points and are tapered at the edge toway to help horses with muscle atrophy behind theSWYG-.75-1.5SHAPEDeliminate uncomfortable ridges, allowing closershoulder or other conformational obstacles throughSWYE-.75-1.5ENGLISHcontact with your horse. They go label side upthe balanced distribution of saddle pressure.Flat Cushion Pad Work Pad NEWEven thickness with tapered edges to help relieve pressure points and allow close contact with your horse. A durable canvas top with suede wear leathers covers a heavy wool felt center that provides DRESSAGE Western great shock absorption. And the soft, heavy WESTERNeece bottom is comfortable for your horse WE-3/4-L3/4LG (30 X 30) and helps wick away moisture. The Work Pad is a great all around pad for work or play.Dressage Size: 31 x 31DS-1/0-L1LG (21) CSWTPRace / ExerciseRXSH-1/2-M1/223 X 29RXSH-3/4-M3/423 X 29RXSH-1/0-M123 X 29RACE / EXERCISE Schooling SquareSS-1/2-M1/224 X 29SS-3/4-M3/424 X 29SADDLE PADS SADDLE PADSBLACK BROWN BLUEWedge Cushion Pad Pad PalGradually increasing in thickness from front to back, theMade of 100% cotton quilted brushed denim, Wedge Cushion Pad provides increased protection over thethis durable pad protector goes under your other sensitive back area or can be used to level your saddle. pads to protect them from sweat and the wear Thickness: 1/2 front, 1-1/4 back and tear of repeated washings. Contoured at 290 the withers for a bettert. Washable. Black. 291SCHOOLING SQUARE JUMP / ALL PURPOSE Dressage Sizes: Large (32 x 32), X-Large (34 x 34)DS-W-LLG (21) PP-BLA-WEJump / All PurposeJP-W-SSM (19)JP-W-MMD (20)JP-W-LLG (21)'