b'Deluxe StandardENJOY THE RIDECASHELCOMPANY.COMThe Deluxe Saddle Bag has a place for everything.Large padded pouch features interior pockets to One main pocket is washable and insulated, withkeep things organized, while a removable insulated a removable liner. It has plenty of compartmentspocket is big enough to carry all your gear. Easy to keep gear sorted, with extra pockets for yourto operate double closures provide extra security.phone or camera. Mesh pockets on the sides help responsible riders keep the trail clean. Size: 11 w x 10 h x 4 dSB-STD-IISize: 12 w x 10 h x 5 dSB-DX-IIBLACK BROWN BLACK BROWNDeluxe Cantle Bag Medium RearGreat for a soft saddle, endurance saddle, or tied toConvenient low pro le. Features two large the dee rings of a western saddle, this bag is madepockets with removable insulated liners, two to withstand the elements. It has a soft interiorsmaller padded pockets, and two pouches for lining and curves around the saddle for comfortyour camera, phone or GPS. Hook-and-loop for the horse and convenience for the rider. Holdsclosures offer easy one handed operation, two bottles of water with hook-and-loop straps forand strong buckles provide extra security.easy access, and a zipper pocket big enough totSize: 9-1/2 w x 9 h x 4 da light jacket or vest. The small pocket on the back SADDLE BAGS SADDLE BAGSis perfect for sunglasses. Includes two strings andSB-RB-Mfour dee rings for attachment. Bottles not included.Size: 20 w x 7-1/2 h x 5-1/2 dSB-CNTD296 297BLACK BROWN BLACK BROWN'