b'Goat String Tube Easy Now Quick ReleaseRATTLERROPE.COM CLASSICROPE.COMStores your strings straight and dry, improvingMade to help prevent injuries to horses and cattle consistency and increasing the strings lifespan.while maintaining safety to the rider when used Threaded cap for airtight storage and easy removal. properly. The QR2, made with Easy Now shock RGSTUBE absorbing technology, is installed easily on the saddle horn using adjustable tension straps to perfectly position it for ease of use. It stretches after the steer is caught and stopped, absorbing shock and tension and protecting the animals. Calf String Tube After tension is released, a lever on top is pulled and the rope is released. The QR2 can also be Large diameter tube keeps strings straight,released under some tension. An optional guard is dry and protected, improving consistency andprovided to help reduce the possibility of recoil. increasing the lifespan of your strings. There is virtually zero rope change time required RCSTUBE when a new rope is desired. Pull tested to 1,500 lbs. Replace rubber piece after 100 runs.QR2Replacement Shock AbsorberQR2RSAReplacement BandsPackage of 5GOAT STRING TUBE CALF STRING TUBE QR2RBREPLACEMENT BANDSBLUE PURPLE GREEN PINK BLUEQR2 QUICK RELEASE REPLACEMENT SHOCK ABSORBERPREMIUM ROPER WRAP ROPER WRAPROPING GEAR ROPING GEARElastic Rope Straps Premium Roper WrapBuckles under the saddles swell to providePremium rubber offers premium performance. a quick and safe method of securing ropesPrecisely cut 1 strips. Easy to use. Long to the saddle. 12 straps per package. lasting performance. 10 strips per package.RSEC12PCLASSIC DALLYWRAPP20BKRSER12PRATTLER28 29Roper WrapSuperior rubber offers great performance. Precisely cut 1 strips. Easy to use. Long lasting performance. 12 strips per package.DALLYWRAP20BK'